About the Expo.

The St. Louis Kids Expo is a showcase of resources for the well-being of our children, families and community. Our primary purpose is to continuously raise the level of awareness, reshape our community’s attitudes and offer access to resources that inspire individuals to act on their own behalf. Each year, our showcase takes a “thematic approach” by identifying three key focal points addressed to positively impact the quality of life of our attendees.

The St. Louis Kids Expo is deeply committed to informing and empowering the community with as much information while connecting with as many available resources to help families manage these present-day realities.

Given the recent consumer economic profiles pertaining to the buying and influential spending statistics, it is critical that the demographic audiences identified in these profiles be informed of the leverage they wield.

Over 1,200 children, youth and parents attended the 5th annual St. Louis Kids Expo last year. This year we will continue to raise the level of awareness, reshape the community’s attitudes and provide resources, services, products and activities for our attendees to improve their lives.



“Love and joy …”

“This was one of best expos ever. The management was on top of their game. The variety of vendors was there.”

— Barbara Carter St. Louis Kids Expo Guest



Community service is our best service.

The St. Louis Kids Expo enthusiastically welcomes volunteers and new wholesome family entertainment acts. If you would like to volunteer or have an act, we invite you to complete our simple form telling us about your interest. Once received, we will review your information and respond accordingly. Thank you in advance. Without your participation, our Expo would not happen.