Three valuable programs are currently being developed. We invite you to "contact us" that we may provide you with more information regarding these programs as it becomes available. Thank you in advance!

The STEAM Program

This initiative facilitates the exposure of children to science, technology, engineering, mathematics and arts. To borrow a bit of information from

The philosophy of STEAM revolves around the concept that:

STEAM = Science & Technology interpreted through
Engineering & the Arts, all based in Mathematical elements.


Kid's World

The goal of this program is to help children envision a world in which they have direct influence over though the following disciplines …

Introducing children to the science of business through an education about the value and importance of money is critical to their development as becoming productive, accountable citizens.

Teaching them about what it means to be a "conscientious" consumer will further serve to help shape their attitudes about product and brand loyalties and spending choices.

Providing other avenues of learning about the world in which they live through opportunities to become a volunteer will also prove instrumental to their development.

Showing them how their aspirations can be made relevant through exploring their own innovative thinking and creativity by way of entrepreneurship will be empowering.



This program is geared to foster life style changes that children can make themselves. Giving them a focus informing them about the nutritional value of the foods they eat and making healthier food choices will help them develop a positive attitude about living healthier.


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